Soft magnetic material for Circulators and Isolators

 All prices for Ferrite and Garnet materials are subject to change at the moment due to the increasing cost of rare earth materials out of China. Any quotation is only valid for 30 days at the moment.

If you place a scheduled order, the maximum schedule we can accept is 12 months and we will keep the price as agreed for the period of the order.

We stock a huge range of Ferrite and Garnet materials, (as well as dielectric  and load materials), and we machine it to your drawing on a fast turn around basis.

Typically, we offer a 2-4 week delivery on most parts and will accept orders from 5 pieces to 100K pieces.

The full range of material can be discussed directly, but a non-exclusive list includes:

  • Magnesium Ferrite
  • Nickel Ferrite
  • Lithium Ferrite
  • Yttrium Garnet
  • Gadolinium doped Garnet
  • Aluminium doped Garnet
  • Gd doped Garnet
  • Holmium doped Garnet
  • Calcium Vanadium doped Garnet